Our Process

We create all of our Snow Ice products right here in the San Francisco Bay Area with natural ingredients that you could find in a grocery store. We take pride and care in every batch of snow blocks we make! Making Snow Ice is an extensive process and in order to ensure the high quality and consistent taste of each product, we pay attention to the details. We have taken the time to perfect each of our processes from the way we slow cook our taro to the way we freeze our blocks.


What makes Snow Ice different from regular ice is the flash freezing process. For normal ice, it would take approximately 10 hours to freeze a 22oz block. During freezing, hydrogen and oxygen atoms relax into a grid system that allows the ice to be compacted into its final form. By flash freezing, the atoms are frozen before they completely settle, thereby creating a smaller crystalline structure that gives snow ice the fluffy texture that makes it so unique.


For potential business owners, we welcome you to call our main office at 510. 888.1566 to speak to a representative and find out more about what we can offer! Visit our Ice Husky For Businesses page for more info.