Ice Husky for your Business 


Looking to bring snow ice to your business? Ice Husky provides you the snow ice blocks, shavers, toppings and cups, so all you have to do is shave and sell. Our snow ice blocks contain premium ingredients and real fruit for the best taste and experience. Snow ice blocks are shipped directly to your business ready to use! Our Snow Ice Machines then shave them into a perfect mound of fluffy snow that melts on your tongue. (Note: Shipping & Handling prices may vary by state.)

Why get into the Snow Ice Business?

Low Cost Less than $1 per serving in costs. 400% mark up.

Low Startup Cost With just one shaver and some ice blocks you can start your business.

Room to Grow – Some owners have already opened multiple stores selling snow ice.

Hot Demand – Some stores have over 1,000 Yelp reviews within one year.

High Returns – 400%-700% markup. Market price at $4 – $8

Cost Analysis

Snow Ice

  • Serving per block: 12-20
  • Cost per serving: ~ $0.80 at 20 serving (4oz)

Common Toppings

  • Popping Juice Balls: $13/tub
  • Flavored Coconut Jelly: $12-$14/tub
  • Mini Rice Mochis: 24 bags/case $44


cups and supplies
  • Food Containers: 16oz $57/ case of 1000
  • Spoons: $18/case of 1000